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NPR Performance Turbo Blanket - Black UNIVERSAL

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TBT3-BK Turbo Blanket
Color Black
Turbine Size T3
TBT4-BK Turbo Blanket
Color Black
Turbine Size T4

Product Description

Turbos produce a lot of heat. A turbo blanket isolates the heat generated by the turbocharger and prevents damage to underhood components like hoses, wiring, and plastic parts. It can also help in reducing engine damage as it wont add additional heat to sections of the engine.

Besides reducing damage, it can improve power as well. Reducing underhood temperatures, would reduce air inlet temperatures at the air intake. This would mean more dense oxygen which would produce more horsepower. The turbo blanket would also help performance by keeping heat within the turbine. The retained heat keeps expansive gases in the system for improved spool rate (less lag) and greater achievable power.

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