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GSC Power Division Spring / Retainer Kits HONDA

Brand: GSC Power Division | Category: Valvetrain

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
Click For More Info 2003 - 2007 ACCORD ALL L4 2.4 ALL K24A4
Click For More Info 2008 - 2012 ACCORD ALL L4 2.4 ALL K24Z2
Click For More Info 2013 - 2015 ACCORD ALL L4 2.4 ALL K24W1 ALL
Click For More Info 1999 - 2000 CIVIC ALL L4 1.6 ALL B16A2 ALL
Click For More Info 2002 - 2005 CIVIC ALL L4 2.0 ALL K20A3 ALL
Click For More Info 2006 - 2011 CIVIC ALL L4 2.0 ALL K20Z3 ALL
Click For More Info 2012 - 2015 CIVIC ALL L4 2.4 ALL K24Z7 ALL
Click For More Info 1994 - 1997 CIVIC DEL SOL ALL L4 1.6 ALL B16A2
Click For More Info 2002 - 2006 CR-V ALL L4 2.4 ALL K24A1 ALL
Click For More Info 2007 - 2012 CR-V ALL L4 2.4 ALL K24Z1
Click For More Info 2003 - 2011 ELEMENT ALL L4 2.4 ALL K24A4

Product Description

GSC has two options for retainers you can either have Chro-Molly or Titanium do to the type of abuse a street cars valve train sees we suggest Chro-Molly and Ti for race car applications. The Chro-Molly will last just as long as the stock units that they will replace. Unlike Titanium these will not become brittle over time. They are only a few grams heavier than Titanium and will not affect performance. GSC Chro-Molly retainers are universal to use with either our single valve springs or our dual springs. The single valve springs do not require a new seat or different seals where as the duals will.

A set of valve springs can be changed in a matter of 2 hours with the correct tools, and is the best insurance a car with upgraded cams can have. The single springs have been tested higher but we suggest a max rev limit of 8500rpms. If higher revs or prolonged periods of revving i.e. road race applications, we suggest going to our dual springs which is more stable at higher rpms and can be revved to 10500rpms. The Single Spring kit includes: Single springs 78@39.6 with either Titanium or Chro-Molly Retainer.

Beehive Spring Set
GSC Power-Division Beehive springs feature some of the most impressive manufacturing techniques in the industry. Our beehive spring uses an ovate wire which utilizes advanced material heat treatment methods for superior load loss capabilities. What this means to you is our spring has the highest level of spring load retention while still maintaining good fatigue threw out the life of the spring.

The retainer side of the valve spring has a smaller diameter to greatly reduce coil spring surging and improve valve control even at extreme rpm levels.

Only the best materials go into the GSC Power-Division Beehive valve spring. Each batch is scrutinized for tensile strength properties, ductility, inclusion content, and fatigue toughness.

Each new design is tested to 9,000RPMS so you can rest assure that you have the best possible valve spring set available on the market.

The GSC Beehive spring is a factory replacement and will use your stock OEM retainer and Valve Seat to ensure an easy install.

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