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Tokico Shocks - Trekmaster Series

Brand: Tokico | Category: Truck Suspension

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Product Description

TOKICO’s TREKMASTER Performance Shocks use the latest technology to address the problems of improper damping control on trucks and SUVs.

The TREKMASTER Series combines TOKICO’s multi-stage variable-aperture piston valve system with a new base valve design that provides a dual blowoff compression cycle. This allows the TREKMASTER to provide a level of handling, traction and ride quality unmatched by ordinary shocks. In addition to this highly sophisticated damping system, TREKMASTER shocks feature a rod guide and piston seal design that reduces mechanical drag by up to 65 percent compared to other shocks. The result is remarkably smooth, controlled performance—on and off pavement—for years to come.

The TREKMASTER Series damping and rebound dynamics achieve an ideal balance of quick response and low impact harshness—to deliver a combination of excellent tire adhesion, stable control, improved ride quality, and reduced wander during strong side winds


  • Steering response
  • Cornering
  • Braking
  • Ride quality


  • Body roll
  • Wander due to side winds
  • Dive and squat
  • Suspension bottoming

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