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Part #: 9801B2136
Notes: Cutting Tool
Egg Type, Rough
MSRP: $140.00
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981019 $47.50 Notes Throttle Coating
9801A1136 $161.50 Notes Cutting Tool
Thin Type, Fine
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Size M18×1.5mm
9801A2136 $171.00 Notes Cutting Tool
Thin Type, Rough
981010 $11.40 Notes Engine Assembly Paste
Size 20g
981016 $57.00 Notes Bolt Smooth Paste
Size 200g

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Product Description

Engine Assembly Paste
Designed to be applied on camshafts, pistons in the engines cylinder and working with any engine internal sliding components. The assembly process is the best time to start with the care of the internals to ensure the longevity of your engine internal components. This was designed in conjunction with Wako Chemical Company in Japan for the use in the assembly of standard and racing engine components.

From professional workshops to the privateers, now everyone can have access to the tools required to build a professional race engine. Packed in a small hard case that can be carried and easily stored in any toolbox to be used whenever needed.

Bolt Smooth Paste
Tomei Bolt Smooth Paste is designed to be used on screws and bolts that are used with washers to prevent rust welds. Even after prolonged use this application will aid in easy removal of the screws/bolts from the washers. Effective for exhaust components, and other extreme heat and open weather applications.

Throttle Coat
The Tomei Throttle Coat will aid with the performance in smooth opening and closing of the butterfly which will increase throttle response. The lubrication properties will also aid by preventing the throttle from sticking and to eliminate rough idling and/or engine stalling. Improved sealing properties and efficient engine operations.

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