Blox Racing 3.5" Composite Velocity Stack - Red - BXIM-00312-RD

Blox RacingSKU: BLOBXIM-00312-RD

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Blox Racing velocity stacks incorporate race proven intake technology into a product designed for daily driven vehicles. Velocity stacks are designed to optimize and maximize air flow rates entering the induction system.

Blox Racing velocity stacks are ideal for naturally aspirated and turbocharged applications. Match either with a high performance Blox Racing air filter.

Blox Racing composite velocity stacks are injection-molded from PA66 glass-filled nylon. Each significantly reduces the amount of heat soak absorbed by the velocity stack and then transferred to the air. 

The design and construction helps to reduce the overall weight compared to metal counterparts, which in turn, reduces the mechanical stress placed on existing air induction system and mounts.

Pair velocity stack with Blox Racing high performance air filter.


  • Made from injection molded PA66 nylon
  • Red color only available in 3.5" size
  • Outer diameter 6"
  • Neck diameter : 3.5"

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