Cometic MLS Head Gasket - Honda Integra LS/VTEC CRV B20/VTEC (Non-VTEC Block w/ VTEC Head) - 84mm Bore .051" Thick - C4193-051

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Cometic MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) Head Gaskets provide maximum sealing performance for todays high output engines and require no sealants. MLS gaskets are ideal for both aluminum heads to aluminum blocks and aluminum heads to cast iron blocks. They can withstand the shearing force created by the two materials. MLS gaskets have increased strength because they are comprised of multiple layers of stainless steel; which also creates the ability to rebound and resist corrosion. The outer layers are embossed and coated on both sides with Viton (a flour elastomer rubber based material that is heat resistant to 250 C/ 482 F). Viton is designed to meet the demands of a variety of harsh sealing environments, load conditions, and surface finishes. The center or shim layer is uncoated stainless steel, which can be varied to accommodate multiple thickness requirements.

NOTE: The thickness you choose is the compressed operating thickness.

90-93 Acura Integra GS LS RS 1.8 B18A1 w/ B16A B18C5 VTEC Head
94-01 Acura Integra GS LS RS 1.8 B18B1 w/ B16A B18C5 VTEC Head
97-98 Honda CRV 2.0 B20B4 w/ B16A B18C5 VTEC Head
99-01 Honda CRV 2.0 B20Z2 w/ B16A B18C5 VTEC Head

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