Hybrid Racing K-Series Swap Standard Fuel Line Kit (92-00 Civic & 94-01 Integra) - HYB-FLK-01-04

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  • Fuel Line Kit for K-Series Conversions in EG/EK/DC Chassis.
  • -6AN Fuel Lines (fittings not included)
  • Stainless Braided Hoses
  • Pressure and leak tested after assembly.

The Hybrid Racing K-Swap fuel line was designed to be a simple pre-assembled kit to adapt your stock fuel system to that of a K-Series engine.

Why do you need a fuel line kit for K-Swaps?
K-Series engines are normally are supplied with return-less fuel systems, meaning the fuel pressure regulator is inside of the fuel tank and has only one line leading to the engine. In most cases, the chassis that you plan on installing your K series engine (in this case EG,EK,DC) utilizes a return system. In order to have the engine run correctly, you will need to convert the K-Series engine to a return system. Although there is only one line going to the rail, this kit is still a return type system since the pressure is still regulated before it goes back to the tank.

The kit comes with 3 lines with the appropriate fittings pre-installed on the ends. The lines are offered in stainless steel or black nylon. The black kit is our most popular kit for its stealthy look but they both get the job done perfect. The kit also comes with a banjo fitting to connect to your OEM fuel filter and an adapter to connect to your hard line.

E85 compatible


94-01 Acura Integra GS LS RS w/ K-Swap
94-01 Acura Integra GS-R w/ K-Swap
97-01 Acura Integra Type-R w/ K-Swap
92-95 Honda Civic CX w/ K-Swap
92-95 Honda Civic DX LX w/ K-Swap
92-95 Honda Civic EX w/ K-Swap
92-95 Honda Civic Si w/ K-Swap
96-00 Honda Civic CX DX LX w/ K-Swap
96-00 Honda Civic EX w/ K-Swap
96-00 Honda Civic HX w/ K-Swap
99-00 Honda Civic Si w/ K-Swap
93-95 Honda Del Sol S w/ K-Swap
96-97 Honda Del Sol S w/ K-Swap
93-95 Honda Del Sol Si w/ K-Swap
96-97 Honda Del Sol Si w/ K-Swap
94-97 Honda Del Sol VTEC w/ K-Swap

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