Mishimoto Ford Fiesta ST Performance Intercooler Kit, 2014-2019 Black Pipes, Black Cooler - MMINT-FIST-14KBBK


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  • Direct fit for the 2014–2019 Ford Fiesta ST
  • 26°F (15°C) reduction in AIT
  • 51% increase in core size
  • 25% increase in internal core volume & 226% increase in external fin surface area
  • Replaces hot-side and cold-side intercooler pipes and couplers
  • Includes air diversion plates to direct air through the intercooler core for maximum efficiency
  • Stock location prevents airflow blockage to radiator and AC condenser
  • Tube and fin construction for added weight reduction over bar and plate cores
  • All-aluminum, TIG-welded
  • Available in Sleek Silver, Stealth Black, or Bold Gold
  • Fits with the Mishimoto Fiesta ST Direct Fit Oil Cooler Kit
  • Intercooler pipes available in Wrinkle Black or Polished Finish
  • Fits with stock, Mishimoto, or most aftermarket intercooler pipe kits
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


The 2014–2019 Ford Fiesta ST is a car that was born to have fun and push the limits of what a 4-cylinder hot-hatch can achieve. So why let your Fiesta ST be held back by the stock intercooler? With a light tube-and-fin construction, 51% larger core, and 25% greater internal volume, the Mishimoto Fiesta ST intercooler is the upgrade your Fiesta has been asking for. Proven to reduce charge-air temperatures by up to 26°F (15°C), this intercooler is efficient enough to keep up with even the hottest hatch.

Included in this kit are a set of air diversion plates that ensure as much air as possible passes through the outside of the intercooler. To make sure you’re getting the maximum amount of air through the inside of the intercooler, this kit also includes our 2014–2019 Fiesta ST hot and cold-side intercooler pipes. Available in wrinkle black or polished silver, these pipes help customize your engine bay while providing your Fiesta with up to 7 more horsepower and 8 Ft/lbs of torque at the wheels. The 51% greater volume of the hot-side pipe, combined with the 22% larger volume of the cold-side pipe, means that you have plenty of room to grow your Fiesta’s power.

With durable silicone couplers, fully TIG-welded construction, and Mishimoto’s Lifetime Warranty, this intercooler and pipe kit will stand the test of time, and then some.


(1) Mishimoto Intercooler
(1) Upper Diversion Plate with Mounting Hardware and Rubber Trim Seal
(1) Lower Diversion Plate with Mounting Hardware and Rubber Trim Seal (1) Aluminum Pipe w/ CNC Sensor Flange
(1) Aluminum Pipe
(1) CNC Sound Symposer Plug
(4) Silicone Couplers
(1) Silicone Sound Symposer Hose
(1) 1.75" T-Bolt Clamp
(1) 2.5" T-Bolt Clamp
(6) 2.75" T-Bolt Clamps
(1) Mounting Hardware
Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty


This intercooler is rated for approximately 325 whp. Exceeding these horsepower limits could require a larger front-mount intercooler. The J-line intercooler can be used for horsepower levels exceeding 325whp. Please note the install guide provided below includes instructions for installation with bumper removal. If you require a guide without bumper removal please contact support@mishimoto.com.


14-19 Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 Turbo

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