Radium Engineering DIY Fuel Pump Hardwire Wiring Kit - 17-0031

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This Do-It-Yourself wiring kit includes the necessary parts to construct a power wiring harness for one fuel pump. It uses the highest quality components to ensure proper operation in all conditions. The relay and fuse holder are sealed to allow installation in weather exposed areas if necessary. Aircraft grade TXL wiring is resistant to all chemicals and elevated temperatures. Raychem crimpless solder-based butt connectors make reliable wire connections easy and clean. Necessary ring terminals are included for connecting to an external Bosch 044 fuel pump as well.

Radium recommends a dedicated fuse and relay for each fuel pump. For this reason, order a wiring kit for EACH fuel pump.

-If a Radium Single Internal Pump FST was purchased, select "Quantity: 1"
-If a Radium Dual Bosch 044 FST was purchased, select "Quantity: 2"
-If a Radium Triple Pump FST was purchased, select "Quantity: 3" 
-If a Radium Single Pump Fuel Hanger was purchased, select "Quantity: 1"
-If a Radium Dual Pump Fuel Hanger was purchased, select "Quantity: 2" 
-If a Radium Triple Pump Fuel Hanger was purchased, select "Quantity: 3"

-Weatherproof SPDT 12V/40A Relay with Mounting Tab (x1)
-Weatherproof Relay Flying 12" Lead Connector (x1)
-Weatherproof Mini Fuse Holder with Mounting Tab (x1)
-Weatherproof Mini Fuse Flying Lead Connector (x1)
-Quick-Connect Posi-Tap "TRIGGER" Connector (x1)
-Raychem Crimpless Solder Heat Shrink Butt Splices (x4)
-10AWG 6mm Stud Ring Terminals (x4)
-10AWG 5mm Stud Ring Terminal (x1)
-10AWG Black TXL Wire (10ft)
-10AWG Red TXL Wire (10ft)
-25A LED Blade Mini Fuse (x1)
-Instructions including wiring diagrams

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