Turbo Guard Ultra Filter

Turbo GuardSKU: ULTRA-BLK-3

Size: 3"
Color: Black/ Raw


Do you not use an air filter on your turbo? Then you need a Turbo Guard! You can make more power not using an air filter on your turbo… but adding a Turbo Guard filter is like adding insurance. Foreign debris (eg. nuts, bolts, rocks, hoses, fingers, birds, etc.) can be sucked into the turbo causing catastrophic damage. Not only will it explode the compressor wheel, but it will send all shrapnel into your engine.

Developed for your high horsepower application. Perfect for diesels or any high boost applications. With 79% open area these things will let your turbo breath with an added peace of mind. These are the sweet spot in the middle for protection and air flow. Same flow brute strength as the Turbo Guard MAXX but with smaller holes. The stainless steel provides superior protection along with no power loss. These will also work with some velocity stacks! These fit on all turbos or superchargers!

The ONLY true one piece design turbo screen on the market! The Stainless Steel Screen is molded under the clamp to provide Superior Protection while the 79% open area will let your turbo breath with an added peace of mind.

These fit on All Turbos and Superchargers!

  • Maximum Air Flow
  • Rated over @500psi
  • High Horsepower
  • High Boosted Diesel Applications
  • Street/Strip
  • Patent Pending Design

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